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Things You Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

Things You Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

Are you looking out for teeth whitening systems/products that is sure to help you add shine to your smile? If you are then, we at The Cosmetic Clinic the best Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic in Navi Mumbai bring to your notice some of the products that you could use to whiten your teeth so that you could flash that winning smile.  They are as follows:

Whitening Toothpastes:

Generally speaking, most toothpastes help remove stains from the surface of a tooth. However, there are a few toothpastes possessing gentle polishing or chemical agents that when applied helps effectively remove additional stains. These are known as whitening toothpastes. They basically contain chemicals such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and do not contain bleach.  Furthermore, this type of toothpaste functions by lightening the tooth colour. However, it must be noted that the prescription strength whitening procedure conducted at the clinic of your Best Dental Clinic in Navi Mumbai can make your teeth three to eight shades lighter.

Over-the-counter whitening strips and gels:

Peroxide is the chemical used in whitening gels. It is applied directly to the surface of your teeth using a small brush.  It must be used properly used depending on the strength of the peroxide content and at no cost be abuse. On the other hand, whitening strips are thin invisible strips that are coated with peroxide based whitening gel.  Follow the instructions on the label of the package to apply this whitening strips and get results that can be sustained for about 4 months.

Whitening Rinses:

Among the many whitening products available in the market and at the Best Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic in Seawoods the latest are the whitening rinses. They are similar to mouthwashes, and help freshen up the breath and help reduce dental plaque and gum disease. Moreover, some of these products contain ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide, and hence must be used properly. According to manufacturer’s it will take about 12 weeks to see the results. All you have to do is to swish it around the mouth two times a day before brushing. Although, experts at the best teeth whitening service in Navi Mumbai say that rinses may not prove to be as effective some of the other over-the-counter whitening products. This mainly because the whitening rinse is in contact with the teeth for just two minutes as compared to 30 minutes for many strips.

Tray based tooth whiteners:

A tray based tooth whitener is generally purchase either over-the-counter of from a renowned Teeth Whitening Dentist in Navi Mumbai. It generally comprises of a guard like tray filled with gel whitening solution containing of a peroxide bleaching agent. This tray has to be worn for a period of couple of hours a day to every day during the night for up to four weeks and even longer (depending on the degree of discoloration and desired level of whitening).

In the battle of Home vs Dental supervised who is the real winner?

Do it yourself or DIY teeth whitening methods do not give the same result as teeth whitened by Best Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic in Navi Mumbai.  You will notice a few important differences. They are as follows:

  • Bleaching Agent strength:

It is a fact that Over-the-counter products and dentist-supervised at-home products usually contain a lower strength bleaching agent, with about a 10% to 22% carbamide peroxide content, which is equivalent to about 3% hydrogen peroxide. On the other hand in-office professional applied tooth product contains hydrogen peroxide in concentrations ranging 15 to 43%.

  • Mouthpiece Trays:

In case of supervised bleaching product your Best Teeth Whitening Dentist in Navi Mumbai will provide you with a mouthpiece tray that is perfectly customized to perfectly fit your teeth. This customization allows for maximum contact between the whitening gel, which is applied to the mouthpiece tray, and the teeth.

Over-the-counter vs In-office what are the differences?  

The differences are a few they are as follows:

  1. Protective Measures:

In the best Best Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic in Seawoods your Best Teeth Whitening Dentist in Seawoods apply either a gel to the gum tissue or use a rubber shield (which slides over the teeth) prior to treatment to protect your gums and oral cavities from the effects of the bleaching. On the other hand, an over-the-counter product does not provide you with such protection.

  1. Difference in Costs:

Over-the-Counter bleaching options are much inexpensive as compared to in-office best teeth whitening treatment in Navi Mumbai.

  1.  A Matter of Supervision:

In-office teeth whitening essentially would involve your popular teeth whitening dentist in Navi Mumbai performing an oral exam for you so as to provide you with the best teeth whitening treatment in Navi Mumbai to lighten the stains of your teeth and brighten up your smile. In addition, your dentist will also ensure that your customized teeth whitening tray fits properly. In the case of unsupervised over-the-counter whitening you are on your own.

The safety with regards to Teeth whitening products:

Most of the teeth whitening products that you get in-office at your best teeth whitening service in Navi Mumbai and over-the-counter have been approved for use by the Indian Dental Association or IDA. These mainly includes dentist prescribed products containing 10% carbamide peroxide and 35% hydrogen peroxide, and also several teeth whitening toothpastes that are also available in drugstores.