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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You may need to have a painful tooth pulled if you have acute sensitivity or advanced periodontal disease. Without the need for extensive surgery, our dentists in Vashi and Seawoods can safely remove the problematic tooth with a simple extraction.

Reasons for a tooth extraction

A simple extraction might help relieve discomfort or prepare you for another aesthetic or restorative operation in a variety of scenarios. The following are some of the most prevalent causes of extraction:

  • Periodontal disease has progressed to the point that the tooth roots have become loose.
  • Adult teeth are obstructed by extra teeth or baby teeth
  • Taking out a broken or deformed tooth
  • Tooth decay that is too severe to be treated with root canal treatment

Are you concerned about the discomfort of wisdom teeth extraction? For painless tooth extraction, book your appointment at The Cosmetic Clinic, the best dental clinic in Vashi, sector 17 & Seawoods, Navi Mumbai. The majority of us would rather bear pain than go to the dentist.

Here’s what happens in the tooth extraction procedure at our dental clinic in Vashi, sector 17:

Our dentist put gauze into the socket when it's been removed, and you'll bite down to provide pressure to the region. The dentist may use sutures to seal the socket if necessary. If you become ill the week before or on the day of your scheduled extraction, please notify our dental clinic so that other arrangements can be made. If you have any issues & queries, please contact our dentist in Vashi, sector 17, and Seawoods.


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What Our Patients Say
  • Sanjana Ahuja

    I was suffering from pimples since last 4 years, but thanks to Dr. Gaikwad not only the pimples are now gone my skin texture has also drastically improved.

    Sanjana Ahuja
  • Brijesh Apte

    I had a satisfying and very fulfilling experience at The Cosmetic Clinic, as I was balding in my early thirties it severely affecting my confidence but with regular sessions by Dr. Gaikwad I am now getting my hair and confidence both back.

    Brijesh Apte
  • Akshay Bandewar

    Visited Dr. Shuddhodhan for my root canal treatment. It was completely painless treatment. He has a stringent protocol for covid prevention. Highly recommended for the dental needs. A big thumbs up.

    Akshay Bandewar
  • Ajay Kumar Motwani

    Visited this clinic in Vashi Sec 17 for root canal treatment. The procedure was completely painless and was done in a short span of time. The Dentist gives time to patients by explaining the dental procedure and also resolving their queries. Also, they are having the latest digital equipment to deal with dental issues. Entire staff of this dental clinic in Vashi is very cooperative. Overall wonder

    Ajay Kumar Motwani
  • Shalabh Saxena

    Had an awesome experience at TCC. The dental clinic is very clean and hygienic. This dentist in Seawoods is a fantastic dentist and a person. I went there for the treatment of my brother. He explained the procedure very nicely and provided him with a painless root canal treatment. Would recommend this clinic for all dental treatments.

    Shalabh Saxena
  • Sharvari

    I had a wonderful experience at this clinic in Vashi. The Dentist here is very professional. He explained everything about the procedure in great detail and clarified all my queries related to my implant treatment. I'm fully satisfied with the treatment. Highly recommend it!!!!!

  • Dhirendra Mehta

    I got my dental implant treatment from Dr. Shuddhodhan Gaikwad. The treatment went well and I am not feeling any pain. Would recommend this clinic to my family and friends.

    Dhirendra Mehta