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Things You Need To Know About Orthodontic Treatment

Things You Need To Know About Orthodontic Treatment

Did you know that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol's smile was one of the major reasons Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge proved to be a big blockbuster across India?

More importantly, do you want to make such a big impact on people like the characters in this cult Bollywood movie Raj and Simran did? If so, then you need to ensure that your teeth are well-aligned. It is a harsh fact of life that not many of us are blessed with a natural set of properly aligned teeth.

If, unfortunately, you happen to be one such individual, then you must consult an expert orthodontist to fix the misalignment of their teeth using braces/orthodontic treatment today. To know how to get people to fall in love with your personality, read this article further to learn more about orthodontic treatment, braces treatment cost in Mumbai, and the braces cost in Navi Mumbai as well.

What is orthodontic treatment, and why should it be done?

Orthodontic treatment in the world of Dentistry involves a process during which a dentist uses braces to align correctly misaligned teeth. Furthermore, it is carried out by an expert orthodontist. This type of dental treatment is required to restore a person's bite, the function of their teeth, and aesthetics.

Above all, it plays a critical role in preventing dental conditions like cavities and gum diseases, which commonly occur in the case of misalignment. This dental procedure, if successfully undertaken, in turn, leads to providing you with the confidence to smile like Raj of DDLJ and woo your Simran.

The Valid Reasons for adorning braces

A non-aligned set of teeth can create few unwanted dental woes which require braces to set it straight. The conditions included are:

1. Overbite: It is when your upper teeth overlap with your lower front teeth more than 2mm that Overbite happens.

2. Crossbite: When your lower teeth overlap with the upper teeth is when Crossbite occurs, which can be corrected using braces.

3. Open bite: Sometimes, your upper teeth may fail to overlap with your lower teeth, and this condition is referred to as Open Bite, which can only be repaired by an orthodontic change made by an expert orthodontist.

4. Misplaced midline: The misaligning of the centre of your upper front teeth with the centre of your lower front teeth causes a misplaced midline.

5. Spacing: Many a time, due to a jaw size- tooth size mismatch or missing teeth, there is a possibility that an unnatural spacing might develop between your teeth that can only be corrected using braces.

6. Crowding: This is a severe Dental issue that could lead to the formation of cavities, food lodgment, gum infections and poor aesthetics.

7. Forwardly placed teeth: It is generally jaw development issues that lead to the forwardly placed upper or lower jaw, and subsequently, the teeth. If left untreated, this condition can result in many dental problems, and therefore braces treatment is a must in such a case.

Types of orthodontic treatments available:

Metallic and Ceramic Braces:

There are two types of metallic braces necessary and self-litigating braces. The basic braces provide for controlled orthodontic treatment. While the self-litigating type is 30% faster than traditional metallic braces and more comfortable to maintain and clean.

Ceramic Braces, on the other hand, provide for far better aesthetics than metallic braces. They are further sub-divided into basic and Self-Litigating that is similar to the metallic ones.

Invisible Aligners:

Are the latest type of braces, which have been introduced to provide for a more polished orthodontic treatment alternative to ceramic braces. They are also known as clear aligners and are trays that need to be worn upper and lower teeth to bring about teeth alignment.

They are removable and invisible when worn on the teeth even at a close distance. They are custom made as per the need of an individual and manufactured using the CAD/CAM technology.

8 benefits of orthodontic treatment

It is a fact that not many of us are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth, and in such a situation, you need the best orthodontic/braces treatment there is to get it aligned so that you can smile right.

There are also other benefits of getting one of the many types of orthodontic treatment done. They are as follows:

a. Efficient chewing of food

b. Improvement of speech

c. Improvement in dental hygiene

d. Ease of maintaining good oral hygiene

e. Reduced risk of cavities and gum diseases

f. Reduced attrition or grinding of teeth

g. Corrects protrusion of teeth, which are a higher risk of trauma

h. Improves smile that helps boost confidence and self-esteem

The Perfect Age for Orthodontic treatment

There is a misconception that orthodontic/braces treatment is only for kids. The fact remains that, even though it is ideal for getting braces treatment done when you are a child due to flexibility in bones and continuing growth, adults can get them too.

All you need to have before following all the required orthodontic treatment steps is to possess a healthy set of teeth and gums. A serious orthodontic problem can be prevented in many emergency cases by a timely intervention by our expert orthodontist at The Cosmetic Clinic.

Let's talk about the duration required to complete a successful Orthodontic treatment.

"When will my braces come off" or "Can braces be removed early" are questions that every dental patient asks their expert orthodontist. The answer is that in most cases, an orthodontic treatment duration generally lasts for 1.5- 2 years.

Moreover, it must be noted that simple cases can take less than a year, while more complex issues can take 3years or longer to complete.

The money involved in getting an orthodontic treatment

When your teeth send that signal to visit your expert orthodontist, the first thing that bothers the mind is the cost of braces. The orthodontic treatment, which includes the cost of braces depends on the type you chose to wear. Generally speaking, it could range from as low as 15,000 to as high as 75,000.

Drawing up a comprehensive orthodontic treatment schedule

The essence of planning for orthodontic treatment involves two major phases i.e. Active and Retention. So, while the active stage consists of the moving of teeth into alignment. The retention phase is about retaining the teeth in their position using a retainer.

These treatments can be performed using removal and fixed appliances, and at times a combination of both can also be used. More importantly, it would help if you remembered the orthodontic treatment steps that need to be taken and included in the plan would depend upon your case and the severity of the malocclusion.