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Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Laser stretch mark removal consists of removing striae (stretch marks) via laser resurfacing. It works by removing the outer layer of skin to help restructure the overlying skin. Your skin is truly a miracle organ. Skin is the largest organ of your body and is immensely stretchable. It accommodates all your bodily changes such as weight loss, weight gain and so much more.

However, these changes can take a toll on the overall appearance of your skin leading to the formation of stretch marks. Fortunately, Stretch Mark Removal procedures at The Cosmetic Clinic can reduce the appearance of marks and make the skin appear less scarred. The Cosmetic Clinic is the best option for stretch marks removal treatment in Navi Mumbai.

In most cases, stretch marks should not be a cause for concern or alarm as they do not pose a physical threat to the body, but they can be a cause of insecurity for many. In other cases, stretch marks all over the body can imply underlying medical conditions such as Cushing’s Syndrome. In either case, stretch mark removal can give you new-found confidence with your overall appearance. 

Stretch marks (medically known as striae distensae) are streaks in the dermis (middle layer) of your skin due to rapid changes in weight. They are actually scars in your skin that appear pink, red or purplish. The most common problem areas for scars are stomach, buttocks, breasts, thighs or upper arms. While stretch marks are most commonly associated with changes in weight, they can also be affected by other factors like hormonal changes associated with pregnancy puberty, bodybuilding etc.  

What causes stretch marks? 

Accelerated increase in weight causes the skin to stretch beyond its breaking point. Gradually, the connective tissue in the dermis (middle) layer of the skin begins to break down. This leads to inflammation in the dermal tissue along with micro bleeding and scar formation which is characteristic of stretch marks. This results in the formation of rough, irregular lines in the tissue. 

Along with the middle layer of the skin, the outer layer (epidermis) starts to stretch as well and is forced to become transparent. This continues until the point where the epidermis is no longer covering the stretch mark. As the skin heals the inflammation and micro-tearing, scar tissue is formed which is now called a stretch mark. 

In most cases, the stretch mark fades to a silvery-white colour, since the scar tissue splits from the epidermis - the layer that gives melanin to the skin. Since the mark scar has no pigmentation, scars have a light silvery appearance. 

There are distinctive physiological and medical causes for stretch marks. These can include heredity, puberty, body-building activities, change in weight and pregnancy. Some of the underlying medical causes for stretch marks are medications or certain disorders like Cushing’s Syndrome or Marfans syndrome and Ehlers – Danlos syndrome. Get rid of stretch marks completely with best cost effective Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in Navi Mumbai, India.

How can stretch marks be removed?   

Stretch marks are varied in terms of their causes and their location on the body. This makes stretch mark removal a very customised affair. At The Cosmetic Clinic, our expert team of dermatologists understands your skin and its requirements and helps you achieve your skin goals with the best quality treatment.  

It is essential that you schedule an appointment with our dermatologist and understand whether this treatment is right for you. The doctor will require a history of your previous skin ailments, treatments and medication to be able to determine the correct treatment plan for your skin.

The doctor will also guide you with pre-treatment measures to ensure a smooth surgery. It is important to discuss your expectations, benefits and risks of the treatment with our doctor along with a suitable cost plan for the same. 

Typically, stretch mark removal processes incorporate 3-4 different lasers per session as well as non-laser procedures such as collagen induction therapy with physiological regulating medical formulations and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Initially, every stretch mark is treated with lasers.  

Most lasers use beams of pulsating light on the skin, this causes the uppermost, damaged layer of the skin to wear off. Furthermore, this process stimulates the dermis to rejuvenate and promote collagen production causing the skin to heal. Laser treatment is a minimally invasive treatment procedure that is considered to be safe. 

Laser treatments in general are considered to be very effective on most patients. Our lasers are approved by the US FDA and are safe for your skin. However, it depends on how old and prominent the stretch marks are. For most patients, 10 sessions of laser treatment are required to see visible results. 

During laser treatment, a procedure termed as colour blending is carried out. This process causes excessive melanin in the stretch mark to ‘turn over’ and results in the evening out of the skin colouration. Along with this process, we also focus on removal of redness in the skin.

Certain stretch marks are red or pinkish due to excessive vascularisation. During this step, we target the smallest blood vessels in the microcirculation to reduce the redness in the stretch marks. 

Once the redness is reduced, we target dermis cells and accelerate the stimulation of collagen which repairs the damaged collagen fibres in the middle layer of the skin. This enables us to fill the stretch mark from within.

The finishing step to scar removal is smoothing the skin. In this step, we employ a laser peel and remove the damaged epidermis layer of the skin. This not only helps in the process of scar removal but also other skin imperfections such as uneven skin tone, fine wrinkles and roughness. 

Our expert team consisting of dermatologists and laser therapists understands that all scars are different. Some scars might be a result of surgery, others might be physiological or even traumatic. Considering all of these possibilities, it is absolutely essential for our doctors to be knowledgeable and experienced.

Our dermatologists have attained their education and training from the best institutes across the nation. To assist our dermatologists, our laser therapists are also well-trained and follow stringent norms while working. Along with experts, The Cosmetic Clinic is equipped with the most modern technology to deliver the best results. 

After each treatment, your scars might look darker only to lighten up as your skin heals itself. Your skin might undergo certain short term side effects such as redness, swelling and hyperpigmentation. Once your skin heals, these effects subside and the stretch marks start blending into your skin resulting in stretch mark reduction. Call us now to get the best cost for laser stretch marks removal treatment in Navi Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Stretch Mark Removal Painful? 

While we do administer a numbing cream prior to the treatment, laser treatments feel like little rubber band-sting sensations. The treatment is tolerable and comfortable.  

Is a Laser Stretch Mark Removal Safe? 

Yes, laser skin treatments are minimally invasive and known to be very safe. 

Will this treatment work on my skin? 

Laser Stretch mark removal can be performed on almost all skin types. However, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist and understand whether the procedure can be applicable to your skin

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