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Dental Implant Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Dental Implants Clinic in Navi Mumbai

Despite improvements in dental care treatments and technology, tooth loss remains one of the largest oral care problems in India. It is prevalent and causes teeth to shift in the mouth, leading to functional complications. For many years, the only methods to fix tooth loss were bridges and dentures, but modern technology is paving pay for more convenient alternatives.

While the loss of teeth is an extremely painful, inconvenient and problematic condition, it can be fixed by a dentist using Dental Implant Treatment at the Cosmetic Clinic, Navi Mumbai. The Cosmetic Clinic is considered to be one of the best dental implant clinic in Navi Mumbai, India.

The most common cause for tooth loss is ageing however, there are more elements that might cause the same. Poor eating habits can be extremely detrimental to your oral hygiene. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential, oftentimes we eat excessively sugary foods that can harm the enamel causing cavities and eventually tooth loss.

Poor oral hygiene is another contributing factor to tooth loss. Having an oral care routine that involves brushing and flossing your teeth is essential for oral health. When bacteria grow in the mouth, they can only cause cavities but also diseases of the gums. Over a period of time, cavities and gum infections can lead to the loss of one or more teeth.

There are certain harmful behaviors that are detrimental to the teeth, these include consumption of excessive soda, energy drinks, chewing ice and even tongue and lip piercing. In addition to these causes, certain accidents while playing sports like football or cricket can also cause the loss of teeth. 

When one or more teeth are lost, the time begins to run against you. Slowly, the adjacent teeth begin to shift to close the gap. These movements further complicate the existing situation. The shifting of teeth can cause the formation of new gaps where food can get stuck and bacteria can be harboured. This leads to enamel deterioration and eventually cavity formation. 

The opposite jaw begins to separate from its original position in an attempt to reach to its previous point of contact. This leads to receding gums and weakening of the teeth. Eventually leading to tooth loss from the other jaw as well.

Chewing with fewer teeth can increase the load of the remaining teeth, this leads to premature damage, affect the overall jaw structure and sag the facial tissues eventually causing premature ageing. Luckily, these issues can be avoided by visiting an experienced dentist and getting dental implants as a treatment for the loss of your teeth.

Dental Implants are replacement tooth roots that serve as a strong foundation for permanent or temporary teeth which are built to match your dental structure. 

Our team of dental implant dentist in Navi Mumbai are well-qualified and experienced with Dental Implant Procedure & provides best dental implant treatment in Navi Mumbai. With intensive and ongoing training and more than ten years of experience, our team understands your concerns and help you in achieving the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Our dentists conduct a thorough, detailed assessment of your oral structure and put forth the best solutions for your smile. Our up-to-date equipment and stringent standards of quality will ensure that you are happy, and your smile is happier. Our team believes in the highest quality of hygiene and safety which is why your treatment is guaranteed to be a safe one.  

What to Expect from the Treatment? 

During the initial stages of treatment, our dentists usually conduct a visual examination of the site along with dental imaging studies (X-ray/C T scans) to understand the structure of the jaw bone. The jaw bone structure is studied to determine its quality and quantity and to determine whether if more jaw bone is needed for the procedure. Once it is established that the patient is fit for dental implant treatment, the procedure is started. Our dental implant dentist in Navi Mumbai use a local anaesthetic to reduce the pain during the treatment.

Sometimes, there might be a damaged tooth present at the site of the dental implant. In such cases, treatment begins when our dentists extract these tooth/teeth. Usually, a synthetic bone is placed to achieve a solid base for the implant. In cases where the tooth is absent or missing, the procedure is slightly different - a bone graft is placed on top of the existing jaw bone. This process is more involved and may take up to 6 months of healing. 

After healing, a strong bone is present at the site and is ready for the implants. Using a special drill and tools, a dental implant is placed into the bone. A healing cap is placed over this dental implant and then the gum is stitched up. Post this procedure, the healing process begins. Who is in search of the best dental implant clinic in Navi Mumbai, visit us. We have a team of Dental Surgeons, Implantologists, Prosthodontists, and Periodontists etc.

During the healing process, temporary replacement teeth are placed on the implants. The healing process typically lasts for about 6 months, post which permanent teeth can be placed on the implants via a screw. There are several advantages of dental implants such as improved appearance, better speech, easier eating and enhanced overall dental health. To get the best dental implant treatment in Navi Mumbai, call us.



How can I care for my teeth post the dental implant treatment

Overall good dental hygiene practices are important after the treatment. Dental Implants are prone to a condition called peri-implantitis wherein the gum and the bone surrounding the implant experience inflammation. This is due to increased biting forces and bacterial infection. Your dentist will guide you in case you experience this condition.  

Are dental implants safe? 

Yes, dental implants are extremely safe. If take all the necessary steps to maintain your overall dental hygiene, your dental implants will function very much like your real teeth. However, is you neglect your oral health, you can experience gum infection, bleeding gums, soreness and overall discomfort. 

Is the procedure painful? 

Generally, a local anaesthetic is used to reduce pain during the procedure. However, during the healing phases, one is likely to experience pain and discomfort. Our dentist might provide you with medication or steps to ease this process for you and reduce the pain.

How long will my dental implants last? 

If taken care of and if the bone the implants are fitted to is strong and healthy, implants can last for many years together. But like any other surgical implants, dental implants do not have a lifetime guarantee.

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