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Braces & Aligners

Braces & Aligners

Many patients (or their parents) have inquired about the best solution for them. Because this is such a personal choice, we thought we'd give some information to take with you in case you need more time to think about your options. It's important to remember that aligners can assist with the majority of orthodontic problems, but not all of them. As a consequence, it's critical that you discuss which option will assist you to get the greatest result with your orthodontist during your initial visit.


However, in many circumstances, both alternatives are accessible, giving you the freedom to choose what you want and what best matches your lifestyle. Braces are connected to your teeth and are constructed of metal or porcelain. Metal wires and elastic bands are then utilised to apply force to the teeth, assisting them in moving into the proper position.


Aligners are a form of brace that is made of plastic and is custom-made for your teeth. Each aligner gradually brings the teeth closer to their final place. Various teeth have little lumps of composite resin (tooth-coloured filling material) affixed to them to help the aligner grab the tooth and move it appropriately.


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What Our Patients Say
  • Sanjana Ahuja

    I was suffering from pimples since last 4 years, but thanks to Dr. Gaikwad not only the pimples are now gone my skin texture has also drastically improved.

    Sanjana Ahuja
  • Brijesh Apte

    I had a satisfying and very fulfilling experience at The Cosmetic Clinic, as I was balding in my early thirties it severely affecting my confidence but with regular sessions by Dr. Gaikwad I am now getting my hair and confidence both back.

    Brijesh Apte
  • Akshay Bandewar

    Visited Dr. Shuddhodhan for my root canal treatment. It was completely painless treatment. He has a stringent protocol for covid prevention. Highly recommended for the dental needs. A big thumbs up.

    Akshay Bandewar