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Digital Smile Design Treatment

Digital Smile Design Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Everyone desires a beautiful, confident smile. It is the first thing that anybody notices about you. Your smile speaks volumes about your personality. However, not everyone has the perfect smile naturally. This is where the Cosmetic Clinic can help you achieve the desired dental structure.

Oftentimes, patients want to achieve that perfect smile, but are skeptical about the outcome as the procedure is permanent. Our Digital Smile Design Service helps you participate in the treatment ensuring that the final result is as close as possible to your expectations.

Digital Smile Design is a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic dentistry, it involves the evaluation of the relationship between various parts of the dental structure through digital drawings. At the Cosmetic Clinic, it is absolutely important for us to meet international standards of dentistry.

Our dentists have received their education and training from the finest dental institutes. Along with their training, their experience of several years has helped them reach the highest level of efficiency and safety in their procedures.

Our team ensures that we hold the most stringent norms in terms of service quality, the safety of procedures and hygiene of the environment. All of these factors make us the preferred choice of several patients seeking dental treatments.

Once you identify that you require dental treatment, it is advisable to visit an experienced dentist and understand the procedure of digital smile designing. At The Cosmetic Clinic, our team of dentists and dental assistants are not only skilled but also experienced to provide the best-in-class digital smile designing procedure.

Our team understands your concerns and helps you in achieving the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Our dentists conduct a thorough, detailed assessment of your oral structure and suggest suitable treatments for your teeth.

Our up-to-date equipment and stringent standards of quality will ensure that you are happy, and your smile is happier. Our team believes in the highest quality of hygiene and safety which is why your treatment is guaranteed to be a safe one.

How can you start a Digital Smile Design treatment?

Once you start your treatment at The Cosmetic Clinic, our dentists will help you in every part of the progress. We take three-dimensional photographs and videos of every angle of your mouth. Then, using an intraoral scanner, a digital scan is done, and the data is imported into the Digital Smile Designing software.

These intraoral scanners are very effective since they offer a better insight through more views of the mouth. While the technician conducts the scan, they will watch each image in real time. This makes sure we capture the right images that are taken at the correct angles required to make a three-dimensional visual representation of the final result.

These images can make the entire process more streamlined and save time since you won’t have to come back for any more images post the consultation.

How does the treatment take place?

After the images are taken, all the data is entered into a DSD software. Our dentists will refer to a digital library of varied shapes and forms that can be placed over the tops of your teeth in the images. This will give you an insight into the results of the treatment and our dentist an insight into the required process.

The photos and videos will help our team in creating a realistic model which may involve your facial aesthetics and other important aspects.

Your involvement is required in the entire process from beginning to end. It is necessary to communicate all of your expectations and requirements to our dentist. The beauty of this treatment is that it gives you the freedom to approve the three-dimensional model and mock-up images to get a fair idea of the final results of the treatment.

We may also place portions of the model in your mouth to understand how the results will look when you talk or move.

Upon approval, we will start the restoration process, we keep the model or mock up in your mouth as a guide for preparation. We will remove any fragments or damaged teeth and place the restored teeth as implants or veneers. We will restore each individual tooth. To finish the process, we use a polishing treatment to make your teeth look shiny and clean.

Digital Smile Designing software helps transforming smiles become more precise by assisting us in predicting the final smile. Using visual communication, we emphasize on an in-depth analysis of your oral structure. It makes the communication between you and our dentists easier and more effective.

At the Cosmetic Clinic, we embrace advancements in technology to provide the best solutions for your smile.

Frequently asked Questions:

How well can Digital Smile Design reflect my smile?

Digital Smile Design ( DSD ) can give you an exact visual idea of what the final results would look like.

Will three-dimensional digital smile design alter my facial appearance?

Yes, changing your dental structure can really change your facial appearance, making your look more attractive.

Can every tooth be analysed using this tool?

Yes, Digital Smile Designing can help you analyse individual teeth. However, this process cannot be used to treat other dental issues.

Is the process painful?

No, digital smile design is not a painful experience. It is one of the most comfortable dental treatments used to transform smiles. We use no drills during this procedure

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